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Week 3 Million Dollar Dissection

Another week, another millionaire made on Fanduel. This week’s line-up was put together nearly perfectly, he had a combination of “sure things” and also was able to find some decent players that were less than 10% owned. In-fact, excluding this line-ups defense, TE and kicker, not a single player had over 10% ownership, which is extremely impressive considering how many players had great weeks and how many of said players were extremely big names that a lot of us were jumping on.

QB: Cam Newton ($7,900) 8.6% Owned 29.9 FDPs

This was just a smart pick. Playing the horrendous Saint’s defense at home without their fearless leader Drew Bree’s? I’ll take it. Dual-threat QBs are great for fantasy purposes especially when their match-ups are this good. He was able to touch the end-zone twice through the air and again on the ground. With this ownership percentage, he was a GREAT play.

RB: Joseph Randle ($6,500) 5.2% Owned 29.5 FDPs

The fact that he was owned by only 5.2% of players is ridiculous. I had him in all of my line-ups and he delivered. Did we really think that Dallas was going to through the ball? Really? Randle started off with 85 yards and two TD’s in the first quarter but when Julio started doing his thing, they went to the air decimating another half of production for Randle. But, at $6,500 he should have been a sure thing and he came through for us.

RB: Devonta Freeman ($6,500) 6.7% Owned 39.8 FDPs

Top scorer of the week and he deserved it. All 5′ 8″ of him carried the ball 30 times for 141 yards and 3 TDs. He went nuts and thanks to Dallas having an inept passing game, the Falcons were more than happy to spend the second half getting 4.7 yards per carry with Freeman and watching him score over and over again. Great play against a poor run defense.

WR: DeAndre Hopkins ($7,800) 5.4% Owned 20.1 FDPs

If you read my other columns, you would have seen that I was high on Hopkins this week. The guy gets half the targets and was playing an awful defense in Tampa Bay. His price was right and he went for over 100 and a score. This match-up was perfect and regardless of how poor his QB play is, he will always get a chance to make some plays.

WR: Keenan Allen ($7,600) 1.6% Owned 31.3 FDPs

I did not advise this play and boy was I wrong. On the road against an aggressive Vikings front is not a great play but he scored to close the first half and when Xavier Rhodes, whose widely considered the best corner in the NFC North went down on the play, Allen ate up Terrance Newman in garbage time and put up a late score to add to his stat total. Boom or bust player that definitely went boom this week.

WR: Steve Smith Jr. ($7,100) 2.5% Owned 37.1 FDPs

Wow. The old man wrote another chapter in his book this weekend when he torched the Bengals in a loss. 186 yards and two scores while catching 13 balls is an enormous stat line. Too bad for him (and the Ravens) that AJ Green’s performance overshadowed Smith Jr’s but at 2.5% owned this was an absolute steal and this Fandueler rounded out his receiving corps with almost 90 points.

TE: Greg Olsen ($5,900) 10.5% Owned 29.4 FDPs

Who the hell else does Cam have to throw the ball to? No Benjamin means Olsen is going to benefit the most and while it took a few weeks for him to break out, he finally did against the horrible Saint’s defense. His price was decent and the money this player saved above he was easily able to sneak him in here.

K: Stephen Gostkowski ($5,000) 10.8% Owned 17 FDPs

I NEVER advise spending high dollars on a kicker. But this dude had so much money left over he could take Gostkowski and not look back. Anytime your offense puts up 51 points, you know the kicker had a good day.

D: Seattle ($5,300) 22.6% Owned 18 FDPs

This was the most obvious play of the day. 0-2 record, at home against the worst team in football whose missing their number one receiver and starting QB is a recipe for massive destruction. Seattle brought it and made Jimmy and friends look like an FCS level team. The Hawks were able to cause some turnovers and that rookie stud returner brought one back for the boys as well.

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