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Week 7 Million Dollar Dissection

Week 7 was insanity, pure insanity. Huge scores being put up by some predictable names and some not so predictable names as well. We saw some interesting trends this week as well in terms of ownership percentage. Hell, there was a player that was 54.1% owned this week! And his price was only $7,400 as well. Like I was saying earlier, this million dollar line-up was a perfect mixture of big named players and some sneaky grabs that showed up like he predicted.

QB: Andrew Luck ($8,900) 8.8% Owned 26.02 FDPs

Obvious choice against an obviously terrible New Orleans defense. Oh wait… the Colts lost. He still tossed 333 yards and 3 scores but did throw two interceptions. For the price, Luck did not deliver a legendary start like some expected but 26.02 FDPs is nothing to slouch about.

RB: Todd Gurley ($7,400) 54.1% Owned 30.3 FDPs

This would be the guy who was so highly owned around the tournament. But for good reason. 128 yards and 2 TDs on the ground and some more via the reception accounted for 30.3 points and a strong showing for the rookie. The Browns are pitiful on the ground and Gurley, along with numerous fantasy players benefitted from his touches and the Browns lack of defensive prowess.

RB: Lamar Miller ($6,700) 8.5% Owned 37.1 FDPs

Dan Campbell might as well be known for saving the season for Lamar Miller owners everywhere. GOOD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN LAMAR TOUCHES THE BALL! Houston’s defense as a whole has been a huge disappointment and the entire Dolphin’s roster took advantage of this. Lamar did a little of everything in the first half and he didn’t even need more than a half to toss up a week high 37.1 FDPs. When the ‘Fins went up by a million at the half, he was a spectator. Imagine what he could have done had the game been closer!

WR: Julio Jones ($9,100) 16.1% Owned 19.7 FDPs

What a boring game! 10-7 final beating the Titans? Good thing the one touchdown of the game went to Julio and he broke out of his little few game slump. He tossed up 92 yards and 9 catches which was a solid day for him, given the final score.

WR: TY Hilton ($7,700) 11.8% Owned 20 FDPs

After the first half, TY and Luck looked like a total bust for this fantasy roster. But thanks to a monster 2nd half from both, Hilton was the player who benefitted the most with a monster 150 yards and 2 scores. Solid half from TY saves the day!

WR: Stefon Diggs ($5,800) 15.5% Owned 20.7 FDPs

Skol, Vikes! (Had to do it for my hometown squad) This rookie 5th rounder out of Maryland got his shot a few weeks ago and his quickly rising up the depth chart in MN. 6 catches for 108 and a diving TD proved that this kid has what it takes to make it to the big times. Expect for him to be owned by 3,543% of line-ups next week when the Vikings play the Bears.

TE: Ladarius Green ($5,100) 15.2% Owned 16.5 FDPs

When Antonio Gate’s was announced out, I thought every line-up in the world was going to snag Green. They should have because the Raiders are so bad against the TE that this should have been a world wide easy call. It apparently wasn’t and this FD player made the most of it. He had 45 yards and a TD but also scored on multiple two point conversions which lead to his big day fantasy wise. Big fan.

K: Blair Walsh ($4,700) 1.4% Owned 20 FDPs

This guy, let me tell you. Lights out in his rookie year and brutal last year, it’s hard to know what you’re going to get from him. Well he put on a show this Sunday for the purple making 5 FGs but did miss one of his 2 extra points. It seems as if he is figuring out his early season mental woes and will be good the rest of the way.

D: St. Louis ($4,500) 27.9% Owned 25 FDPs

I thought this ownership percentage was going to be extremely high and while 27.9% is a big number, I was thinking more would be all over them. They started off with a bang and anytime you can throw up 25 points for $4,500, you should be happy about it.

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