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Week 8 Fantasy Football: Running Backs

We all saw Darren McFadden and Danny Woodhead finishing in the top 5 for running backs last week, right? Liar. Stranger things have happened though and I shouldn’t be shocked at this point but I really cannot help it at times. Last week, we saw 6 backs go for 20 or more ESPN standard scoring points which is an increase in the 4 we saw in Weeks 5 and 6. I like some of the match-ups we see this week and before I give you my favorites, I will explain why I do not like the most expensive back this week, Freeman against the Bucs. First off this offense has faltered and secondly, the Bucs haven’t given up a TD on the ground in over a month. Think about it. However, without further or do, I like the following backs this week:

Justin Forsett (FD:$6,900 DK: $6,100) VS San Diego

Whose the worst defense against the run in the league? The Chargers. Given up 100+ every game but one to opposing backs and have given up a TD as well to opposing backs the last three weeks. The money on both platforms make him a solid play and one you can expect to find good value from.

Chris Johnson (FD: $7,300 DK: $4,600) @ Cleveland

Beside the pure fact that the Brown’s are just plain bad, Johnson has improved from week to week throughout the season and will continue to in my opinion. For a guy who got shot in the off-season and had no clue if he would be playing ball, he has shown up when it counts the most. The fact that Hill, Gore and Bernard are more expensive in DK than him blows my mind. Exploit that. Please.

Todd Gurley (FD: $8,100 DK: $6,300) VS San Francisco

The 49ers against the run are not great nor are they terrible however. I think it is the Ram’s defense that wins this game for them and Gurley benefits the most. We know Nick Foles isn’t going to throw it much, hell, who will he throw it to? Therefore, I love Gurley at home who in the past few weeks has done strictly manly things.

Jonathan Stewart (FD: $6,600 DK: $4,100) VS Indy

Indianapolis is a dumpster fire, really but this is more about Stewy’s improvement the last few weeks. Back to back double digit performances and a home game against a poor run defense gets me intrigued this week. I expect them to run the ball as much as they can due to having no great receiver options excluding Olsen.

Chris Ivory (FD: $7,700 DK: $6,000 @ Oakland

Now Oaktown is not nearly as bad as they used to be at one point but the Jets stress running the ball and I think they will wear them down with the head first running of Chris Ivory. He will be a top ten back this year and I think he gets into the end-zone a few times this week.

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