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Week 8 Million Dollar Dissection

Hopefully for you players that have season long teams on ESPN or Yahoo, you didn’t get bit too hard by the injury bug. I have a few horror stories that include the same guy losing JAM, Foster, Allen and Steve Smith in the span of 3-4 weeks. A lot of players in the weekly games were hurt by the injuries as well but luckily for our million dollar winner, he was able to find a roster of players that complimented each other well and had the ability to stay healthy. A solid mix of lowly owned skill players and some smart calls with the roster below amounted for over 210 total FDPs and more importantly, a million dollars.

QB: Drew Brees ($7,900) 3.8% Owned 47.54 FDPs

You had to have known this name would pop up. Considering Brees had only hit 20+ once this season makes this even more of a surprise to some. He finished with 511 yards and SEVEN TD’s which ties an NFL record. The craziest part? The Saints only won by 3… Eli Manning threw 6 scores of his own to keep the pace in this shootout. Hopefully this will jump start Brees into having a few big weeks. This low ownership percentage is not surprising based off how he played but there was no way he wasn’t going to be in the winning line-up.

RB: Todd Gurley ($8,100) 45.1% Owned 22.1 FDPs

Forewarning, Gurley will be the most expensive RB available this week. Thanks to 3 straight 120+ yard performances he was nearly owned by half of the rosters in the league and luckily for them, he made it 4 straight games. Gurley feasted on poor defenses through the last few weeks and I am excited to see him take on the Vikings next week who have given up the 5th least points to RB’s this season.

RB: Ronnie Hillman ($6,100) 4% Owned 18 FDPs

Do some research folks because this man should have had a higher ownership percentage. He has slowly but surely been replacing CJ Anderson all season and while he didn’t put up massive yards this week, he did score twice when it mattered the most. These discounted points were extremely important this week and I expect we will see Hillman’s price and ownership percentage rise drastically by the end of the season.

WR: Odell Beckham Jr. ($8,700) 9.1% Owned 35 FDPs

This ownership number is slightly ridiculous. Awful Saint’s secondary and nobody wants an elite receiver on their roster? Fine. If you recall, I wrote above that Eli threw for 6 TDs of his own in this game and guess who benefitted the most? OBJ, thats who. Half of those 6 TDs went to him and he finished with 8 grabs for 130 yards as well. Not a bad day and definitely the catalyst of this line-up.

WR: Brandin Cooks ($6,800) 4.9% Owned 23.5 FDPs

Anytime your QB chucks 7 scores, you most likely had a decent day as a receiver. One of the biggest knocks against Saints receivers is the inability to forecast who will have the best week, there is zero consistency to this offense. But who cares when Bree’s throws 7 scores?! Cooks grabbed two of them and complimented that with 6 grabs for 88 yards. Great pick, value and he definitely outperformed his salary and ownership percentage.

WR: Stefon Diggs ($6,700) 30% Owned 18.5 FDPs

I expect his price to rise fairly high after this week as he put on another show and scored a critical TD with under 4 minutes left in the game for the Vikes. He finished with 6 grabs, 95 yards and that crucial score. He had a great value and media have been hyping him for the past two weeks which led to the high percentage but he did not disappoint.

TE: Greg Olsen ($6,400) 14.8% Owned 16.9 FDPs

Outside of Travis Kelce, I did not think there were any other TE options this weekend but the percentage says otherwise. With Gronk playing Thursday and not available, Olsen has to be the next best option IMO. With the lack of playmakers on Carolina, Olsen is Cam’s go to man. He finished with 6 catches, 79 yards and a TD leading the Panthers to another win in OT.

K: Dan Bailey ($4,600) 1.6% Owned 14 FDPs

Bailey scored every point the Cowboy’s scored on Sunday by himself. That should speak for itself. Looking at the percentage, nobody thought Dallas would hang with the ‘Hawks but thanks to Bailey’s boots, he kept them within one point.

D: Houston Texans ($4,700) 4.6% Owned 20 FDPs

The Texan’s have been bad, so I understand that low ownership number but at the same time, I am slightly surprised it isn’t higher… The Titan’s without Mariota, a run game of any kind and poor o-line play was a great formula for success. Houston showed up in this game but I can’t imagine this being a consistent.

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