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Week Two Million Dollar Dissection

Another week and another millionaire made on Fanduel. Hopefully, the below line-up is one of you crazy readers out there but if not, don’t sweat it, we have plenty of weeks left in this season to make some noise and win some mad cash. Below, you will find the 2nd million dollar line-up of the season and as you will see, his receivers had enough points to beat nearly half the competition alone. That, along with smart drafting at the less expensive positions won this lucky gamer a million dollars to roll around in.

QB: Ben Roethlisberger($8,400) – 4.1% Owned, 30.66 FDPs
After the Vikings laid an egg on MNF against the 49ers in week one, I truly thought that was a fluke and San Francisco got really lucky that MN played so poorly. With that said, I was high on Big Ben last week and he delivered with 30.66 FDPs and lead his offense to 43 points on the board. Big performance and we should expect to see him solid all year long. (Psssstttt, Bell is back this week, that can’t hurt, right?)

RB: Adrian Peterson ($9,000) – 6.6% Owned, 18.2 FDPs
The whole world was talking about AP’s mere 10 touches in Week 1, so Norv Turner made sure that wouldn’t be a topic of conversation after Week 2. 31 total touches (29 carries and 2 catches) for a total of 192 all purpose yards. He didn’t touch the end-zone but this is a great sign of things to come and a great play to win this guy a million bucks.

RB: Dion Lewis ($5,200) – 0.6% Owned, 20.8 FDPs
Bill Belichick is known for using a different RB every week, typically causing fantasy players to pull their hair out. For $5,200, it was tough to pass on Lewis, especially with how well he played in Week 1. He only had 13 total touches but made them count for 138 all-purpose yards and a TD. Great play for the value and the ownership %.

WR: Antonio Brown ($9,200) – 26.5% Owned, 32 FDPs
See Big Ben above. This combo will be unstoppable this year. Brown is the closest thing you will find to guaranteed points every week and this player nailed it with matching his QB to him. 195 yards on 9 catches and a TD?! He is a nuts right now and I will have him in my line-up every week he is healthy.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald ($5,900) – 6.1% Owned, 33.2 FDPs
Bold strategy here but a proven veteran will always have his big weeks. With Floyd and Brown on the depth chart as well, choosing an AZ receiver isn’t always easy. But for $5,900 this Fandueler made the rest of the field pay when Larry Fitz went off for 3 TDs.

WR: Travis Benjamin ($5,000) – 0.6% Owned, 31 FDPs
Another week another 60 yard bomb from Johnny Football. Benjamin grabbed two touchdowns on his way to a 115 yards on just 3 catches. The ownership percentage really helped this millionaire here as well. McCown is back behind center this week so we can’t expect another 60 yard TD to open the scoring, not necessarily at least.

TE: Rob Gronkowski ($8,300) – 11.5% Owned, 20.8 FDPs
Is there much to say here? He is the best at his position and his high price tag doesn’t phase me for one second. In two games, he has 4 TDs and 207 yards. Brady is great at distributing the ball but Gronk will always be his favorite target when we get down to the red-zone. Great call here, even against a stingy Bill’s defense.

K: Josh Brown ($4,500) – 20.3% Owned, 9 FDPs
Good example of not spending the extra $600 dollars on a kicker whose “projected” to have a good week. ALWAYS BUY CHEAP KICKERS.

D: New York Jets ($4,300) – 0.9% Owned, 14 FDPs
At Indy, this was a bold play that paid off. Low ownership percentage and one of the cheapest priced defenses of week two. Great play here and hats off to this guy for spending low where you can and loading his position players with raw talent.

The above is not a perfect roster of the week, in-fact, the perfect roster of week two included RB, Matt Jones who not a single player in the Sunday Million had on the roster. However, the above is near perfection. He or she followed basic strategies of buy high on skill players and save money where you can on kickers and defenses. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw his name near the top again.

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