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What Next Year Looks Like For Some Top Players

The best NBA fantasy players are the people who are already scouting for the next season. They know that there are still games to be played in this season, but they are already preparing for the next season. This is why a few of the top players should already be discussed.

Carmelo Anthony is one player gaining a lot of chatter for the next season. He has been a stalwart that players can count on. He has performed year in and year out for more than a decade. This is the kind of consistency that is hard to find with a lot of other players. The drawback that he has is that his team (the Knicks) are performing terribly this year and are definitely in a major slump. Without a lot of support, Anthony may have trouble racking up the points that he would otherwise get.

Blake Griffin from the L.A. Clippers is a strong player who rocks the fantasy points as a big inside player. What a lot of fantasy players are excited about with this player is the fact that he has upped his game when it comes to hitting his free throws. He has managed to bring his average up to 71.5% on the free throws. This adds to more points for those who draft him. Don’t forget of course the nearly 4 assists and 9.5 boards that he averages per night already.

These are two players to keep an eye on for the next season. When they perform, you can enjoy the fact that you were taking a look at them now.

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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