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What Statistics Matter To Your NBA Fantasy Team?

In order to understand what to look for when you go to draft your NBA team, you should know what stats to look for in the first place. What are the things that matter in the league you are playing in? This will vary slightly by each league depending upon the rules set up by the league commissioner. That being said, you can count on most of the same factors to matter.

How many points a basketball player scores in a given game is obviously part of the equation for determining how many points you are going to get. However, this is not the only factor. You also need to know how many rebounds they get, how many assists, steals, and boards. The 3 point shot percentage of a player may be a key role in determining their value to you as well.

These statistics are readily available on any number of different sports information websites. However, you may want to dig a little deeper into the stats in order to start understanding what you are truly looking at. The raw stats are great, but you want to project into the future about these players. This requires some guesswork, but accurate predictions can be made.

Think about the schedule of a team for any given player and how likely they are to perform against the teams that they have to compete with. The weaker the schedule is for an opponent, the more likely it is that a certain player will bring in huge points for the fantasy player.

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