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Where The Value Is As The NBA Season Concludes

The value picks in the NBA are becoming harder to find for some individuals. They are scrambling to figure it out as the season comes to an end. Luckily, you are smart enough to be checking into the various places that can tell you where that value is. Because of this, you know what you need to do in order to make this weekend a successful fantasy NBA weekend for yourself.

Dwight Howard has seen his value drop as he was not let loose to do what he does best a lot during the regular season. Some people scoffed at him as a great play and they ended up making his value fall as a result. Of course, you are not going to make that same mistake. What you realize is that while his value fell at the time, there was no real logical reason for this to happen. He is a great player at a great price right now.

Another player who is worth your pick is Tim Duncan. He is another guy who is trending up at the moment and his value is bound to correspond to that. This rising star has averaged 14 points and 9 rebounds per game. This is impressive and more importantly quite consistent. You can rest assured that whatever you have to pay for him is going to pay off as an investment. Consider Duncan as a pick for your team.

If you are feeling like taking a chance, go with James Johnson. He is iffy as to if he is even going to be playing considering an injury he is still recovering from. However, if you decide to take him and he does play, you can expect some strong results from this very focused and intense player.

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