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Why Few Trades Are Made In Fantasy Football

Every year millions gather to engage with their favorite fantasy football leagues. They all have the dream of winning the league and showing the friends and family that they were able to best their competition. However, what so few think about or even do is prepare trades during the season.

There are several arguments to be made about why there are not that many trades made in fantasy football. The most obvious argument that stands out is the idea that every player believes that his or her team is already the best in the league as soon as it is drafted. They prepare so long and hard for the draft that trading seems unnecessary (they already have the best team!). Another problems comes in the form of lopsided trade offers. This of course is when a player offers to trade their best team members only for much better players or terms that are simply absurd.

A theory even exists called the endowment theory. This proposes the idea that once someone owns something (in this case a player), they place a much higher value on it than before they obtained it. That too can drive up the asking price for a whole variety of trades.

As a skilled fantasy football player, you are going to be smarter than to fall into this trap. You know that there are times to make a trade when you need to accumulate more points. The best that you can do is look for areas in which you may be dragging on your scores at the moment and try to propose trades that would better those scores. This means that if you are feeling the drag on receiving points, look for trades with other players who are willing to give up a great wide receiver.

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