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Your April 18th ASAP MLB Pickups

If you are ready to get your fantasy baseball weekend started, make sure you have taken the time to review your lineups. It is probably just about time to start putting the various players in the slots that you are going to need them in very soon. A few of the players that are must haves immediately are as follows.

Jonathan Lucroy He is hitting very strong against left handed pitchers. Guess what type of pitcher he is about to face? That’s right, a lefty. As such, Lucroy is the kind of hitter you want to have on your roster right now. He is likely to bat second in the order and this means he could drive in a few runs while he is at it. If he does, that is all the better for you and your fantasy points.

Jonathan Schoop This guy has been unstoppable as of late. He has managed to produce a hit in six of his last eighteen at bats. He is going up against a weaker pitcher coming up soon, and this may make him posed to add to that hit total. You have to snatch him up while he is still on a run like this.

Bartolo Colon For your pitching spot go with this man. The field he is playing on is one of the better fields in the league for pitchers. The Las Vegas bookmakers think it is going to be a lot scoring game as well with the over/under line set at just 7. This means they are pretty confident that Colon is about to have a great night of pitching. If Vegas is confident, then perhaps you should be as well.

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