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Your Exclusive NBA Point Guard Draft Strategy

When you’re assembling the perfect Fantasy Basketball team it’s easy to focus on some of the sexier stats like points per game and rebounds per game. Rebounds per game will be driven by the forwards and centers of the league like DeAndre Jordan, DeMarcus Cousins and Kevin Love. Points per game will be spread around all five positions, proven by some of the league leaders in scoring the last couple seasons: Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Lebron James and Anthony Davis who all represent a different position.

But when it comes to assists you have to focus on the point guards. Guys like Chris Paul, John Wall, Westbrook and Steph Curry will generally finish in or around the top ten each season in assists. Of course you get occasional forwards like Lebron who take personal pride in their dime totals, but for the most part you know you will rely on your point guard to fill your assist stat sheet.

In many leagues, point guards will not be drafted as high as the top scoring forwards or shooting guards. But with top PGs like Westbrook and Curry also scoring a ton of points they will be drafted pretty quickly. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a quality point guard to get the assists you need to dominate your league. For the 2014-15 season you can go as deep as the top 15 APG players and still be get 6.5 assists per game. The league leader was 10 per game. To put it a different way, even the 15th player in the APG category dished at least 65% as many assists as the leader. Compare that to rebounds, and the 15th player in the RPG category pulled down only 60% as many as the league leader.

It’s tough to compare rebounds to assists since the league average for boards is higher then dimes. But using those percentages you can see that finding a quality point guard outside of the top 10 is very possible. And if you are lucky enough to snag one of those top PG earlier in the draft, you will still need some depth at the position. If the second and third point guards on your fantasy team still dish a consistent 6+ assists per game, you’ll have that category locked down.

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