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Your NBA Picks For The Postseason

The postseason in the NBA is a completely different animal than the regular season. Teams adjust greatly because they have the need to. They start to play their starters more in the game, and this means that they are sure to see those starters start to ramp up production when it comes to the points.

You want to focus in on what you can gain by having some starters on your roster. You are likely to find that doing so enables you to add more points to your totals than what you probably thought was possible in the past. Consider these players.

Paul Pierce who plays for the Washington Wizards is headed to the postseason. He has not gotten as much play as some fantasy players would have liked to see, but he is finally in the game now. With his addition, you can expect that his performance will be strong. All teams go full force in the postseason, and Pierce is bound to do the same.

For a guard, C.J. McCollum is not a bad choice at all. He has suffered an injury recently that he is still working to come off of, but if he is healthy you could see him perform well. There are going to be other players on his team that crowd the field a bit for him, but he can battle through it. In the last six games McCollum has seen a lot of play, and this has lead to him being able to create some higher than expected fantasy totals for players. Considering the 82 shots he took in those games, you can expect that he is bound to make some fantasy owners very happy going forward.

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GRFF Staff

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